PASADO Sample, Data and Obligations Policy (pdf, 93 KB)

PASADO Publication Rules (pdf, 16.5 KB)
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Laguna Potrok Aike (southern Patagonia, Argentina) - The site of the ICDP lake drilling project PASADO. Aims and achievements of the project summarised with an overview presentation which can be shown as it is, modified or used as a slide quarry 
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Standard acknowledgements: For any oral or poster presentation and for publications in scientific journals, please add these acknowledgements

The list of the "PASADO Science Team" is available from the ICDP website of PASADO. Please link the words "PASADO Science Team" in your publication to this link.

Minutes of  the 1st ICDP PASADO Microfossil Workshop (306 KB). 

Protokoll des 1. Deutschen PASADO Postdrilling Workshops (219 KB)
Minutes of the 1st German PASADO Postdrilling Workshop (in German: 219 KB)
Minutes of the 2nd German PASADO Postdrilling Workshop in Frankfurt (in German: 1.6 MB)

Program and Abstracts of the 2nd International ICDP Workshop PASADO in Vienna, Austria, May 1 and 2, 2010 (Terra Nostra 1/2010, 5.4 MB)

Most publications related to PASADO can be downloaded. Please refer to Publications

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