• August 2013: Coupling between southern hemispheric westerlies and atmospheric CO2 at the end of the last Ice Age

    At the end of the last Ice Age carbon dioxide concentrations of the atmosphere increased markedly – a new study demonstrates that a latitudinal shift and intensification of the southern hemispheric westerly wind belt is one responsible factor. more...


  • July 1, 2013: the PASADO special issue of Quaternary Science Reviews with 19 contributions was released as volume 71.

    Many of the data sets published in this special issue are already available at "PANGAEA", the information system that aims at archiving, publishing and distributing data from global change research. Have a look using the search term "PASADO"!


  • August 27-29, 2012: 4th International ICDP Workshop PASADO at GEOPOLAR, University of Bremen, Germany (abstract volume and group photography)

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